Battlefield 3 Release Hype Shows Call of Duty Boredom

By Jamie Pert - Mar 4, 2011

Before Call of Duty: Black Ops was released a lot of people suggested that Battlefield games were a lot better than the Call of Duty video games, obviously this argument has been a huge debate on forums on the Internet for years, however trends in Google suggest that people may be getting finally getting bored of Activision’s first-person shooters.

We have noticed that a lot of people have been searching Google for Battlefield 3 release information, you can interpret this in many ways, however some might say that gamers are already bored of Black Ops 4 months after its release, comments on our previous posts suggest that Black Ops does not have the same longevity that Modern Warfare 2 had.

Currently Battlefield 3 is scheduled for an Autumn 2011 release, therefore games will have to make do with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the Vietnam expansion pack until then, as for Call of Duty gamers you will have to wait until November until Modern Warfare 3, the question is will you get the next CoD game or will you try out Battlefield 3 instead?

Personally I think both games are great in their own right, in terms of multiplayer modes Battlefield is much more team-oriented, whereas Call of Duty games quite often see people adopting the run ‘n’ gun tactic, if you want a realistic war-like experience Battlefield is what you want to check out, however if you want a fast-paced enjoyable shooter which may not be the most realistic check out Call of Duty….

Will you be snubbing Call of Duty late this year in favor of Battlefield 3?

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  • battlefield FTW. mostly because it’s realistic, and there is nothing more satisfying than bringing a building down on a camper’s head.

  • roomiat

    The first multiplayer first person shooter that i most was MW. After that for two years I waited for another title to come out that can enjoyed as MW. Cod WAW was disappointing it would have never survived without Nazi Zombies, Modern Warfare 2 was interesting for couple of months and u started seeing less and less people in the lobbies. I wanted to play another game that provides everything that a first person multiplayer installment should and I got my hands on BF BC2. First impression was that this game is extremely professional approach towards FPS. Everything in the game was well thought about, no one had an advantage over another. Big maps and long games gave everyone chance to get involved in the game. I bought Black OPS just for the sake of CoOP in Zombies, Oh and yea no Matchmaking nonscencein BF, which is like a fertilizer for the lobby by throwing bad connections out. I can count on my fingers how many games i have finished so far on Black Ops multiplayer rest match making interrupted every time. Never had problem on any other online game. This time BF3 will be the first choice and will think about MW5 when I will get bored of BF, which i think will take years. 'Modern Warfare they way its going is a limitless franchise' maybe my kids will get to see MW15 or something

  • Chris in DC

    Battlefield is more fun hands down! Depends on what play style you like though… I'd love for COD fans to move to BF, its more people to kill : )
    Everyone that says BlackOps is bad is wrong, they are just newbs who like MW2s stupid play style… Modern Warfare 2 is the worst in the COD franchise! Most unbalanced shooter ever played. MW1 is probably the best but none of that beats BFs gameplay and teamwork

  • fruitkommando

    Battlefield and Cod are really different, Battlefield is great for teamwork as well as huge maps and long games, Cod is more for fast action with people running around in a small map, almost like the difference betwen chess and checkers. Ive played both and i liked cod 4 last, after that the games were not at all fun, at least in multiplayer. The singleplayer campaiigns for the Cod games are great, but the multiplayers are plagued by hackers and weapon imbalances that kill all enjoyment if you dont actually hack or use overpowered weapons, Battlefield multiplayed has always been great and never really had problems.


    The call of duty games are brillant and addictive. Treyarch did a class job on black ops and with the pressure they were under. I heard about battlefield bad company 2 and seen footage on youtube, i thought ill get that looks good. I bought it and i was blown away. It is brillant, probably as addictive as COD, so i will be buying both but i do think COD needs to change its gameplay and start looking at dice's gameplay to carry on dominating the FPS market.

  • marhorn

    Halo Reach!

  • CoDfan

    Battlefield may be fun, but Call of Duty is still the King. Modern Warfare series is my personal favorite and I think Modern Warfare 3 will do a golden shower on Battlefield 3 the moment it emerges. Sorry, BF fans. Get that in your head.

    • Yep


    • Funny


    • cis190

      yeah ok you go and buy your next cod game, cod is done for just get over it.

    • HoboDealer

      Call of Duty is about as much King as Kim Jong's chode.

    • Tenzing

      Call of Duty may be fun, but Battlefield pwns the Modern Warfare series and CoD. BF: 2 is my personal favorite and I think Battlefield 3 will do a golden shower on Modern Warfare 3 the moment it emerges. Sorry, CoD fans. Get that in your head.

  • rock ninja

    il also get both but im looking more at bf3 b/c of the graphics and that iv not seen anything on cod yet

  • Robot92

    i think battlefield is to slow, more action in cod. but game of the year i think gonna be crysis 2.

  • Mr Cheesefinger

    I'll be picking up Battlefield 3, nothing comes close to it in my opinion.
    I will never say never regarding the COD games as that would just be cutting off my nose to spite my face. I'll see how it shapes up and take it from there. I was a little disappointed with Black Ops though, but gladly I made a profit when I sold it!! 🙂

  • merv

    I just cant get enough of Battlefeild..I dont want any wee COD fanboys moving into battlefeild 3 because its a better game as it will ruin the experience for those who enjoy the team aspec of BF and not the COD "IM THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON HERE I WANT ALL THE KILLS" gamestyle.

  • ri5ical

    I'll never buy a another cod game after the catastrophe of black ops, But defiantly will be buying battlefield 3.

  • Low

    I will be picking up battlefield 3 first then maybe get mw3. I’m a long time battlefield fan and I’m tired of cod gamers playing this game and acting like there a one man army this is a team base game so no new cod players please.

  • asdfg

    I'll be getting both. Although I'm in favour of Battlefield 3.