Battlefield 3 PC Graphics Better Than Xbox 360 and PS3

By Jamie Pert - Mar 4, 2011

During EA’s event at the GDC yesterday, we were given a more detailed look into one of it’s extraordinary breakthrough titles Battlefield 3, with DICE Art Director, Gustav Tilleby saying that the graphics will be as ground-breaking on consoles as the PC.

Whilst the Frostbite 2.0 engine that is used to power Battlefield 3 is said to be “a step beyond our competitors,” according to Tilleby, many critics believe that the trailers doing the rounds for the game are clearly rendered on the high-ends of PC technology, and will not deliver on console versions.

“The positive thing is that the new rendering technique allows us to do more complex calculations at no extra cost,” said Tilleby. He also added that “the game will look very good, even on 360.”

Executive Producer Patrick Bach also stepped in to put his theory forward, which stated that he promises that the console version of Battlefield 3 will look “amazing,” due to the “core technology.” You can read the article over on NowGamer for more on this story.

Although most games still look stunning on consoles, it is clear that PC games have the edge when it comes to showing beautiful displays of pixels. Does this mean that next-generation consoles need to come out quicker than expected, or are you happy with the way graphics still presented by the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3?

Taking that graphics in general on high-end PC’s is above that of consoles into consideration, will you be buying games on the PC, or do you believe that using a console is still where it’s at?

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  • Dynasty2021

    Battlefield is and always will be a PC priority.

    Just because more people have consoles doenst mean the PC version should suffer for it.  Screw the consoles, prioritise the PC as it always should be.

    Damn straight.

    Console owners whining about their console’s performance.  Well, your hardware sucks now.  Get over it.  Your PS3 and 360 is like the Wii when compared to the PC.

    PC games are getting screwed over because of the damn consoles, where the console becomes the priority and then a PC port is made.

    ID software did it with RAGE, another company to sell out that was originally PC only.

    I hope the console version of BF3 coughs and splutters to a halt and is set to low graphics.  Trust me, DICE isnt going to care what with the PC version being ordered way more than the console versions.

  • Angelo

    Quote from Patrick Bach, DICE producer
    “We’re focusing on PC first, and then we fiddle with it to fit it onto consoles.”

  • blade

    I really hope they don't compensate the framerate for the texture and lighting when they port the game to the consoles like they did to crysis 2. the frame rate stuttering gets more noticable as you play. it really ruins the game. Good thing battlefield 3 is going to have a dedicated server. the host system for cyrsis 2 is rather inefficient. What i don't understand is why some of the other games (e.g. halo reach), which also use host systems, but do not possess quite as much lag as crysis does.

  • FluidMusic

    your eyes behold what it sees ether way its gonna be a great game

  • ShadowFox

    Humorous if you read the original article and this one there contradictory to each other………..

  • MesonW

    Actually Lando, the 360 is perfectly capable of tessellation in hardware, just slightly less flexible or easy to use as it is in DX11 on PCs.
    I can't imagine the same after effects like anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering could be used in quite the same way on consoles, and of course resolution could only ever max out at 1080 on console, but perhaps in terms of character models, environmental models, textures and effects, the consoles could nigh-on compete. The biggest advantage of PC over console has always been memory; but Dice's techniques in this engine overcome that typical console hurdle.
    I'm not holding my breath because the core grunt of a console is not that of a PC, but with clever coding we could see something special – and I really do hope this sort of thing can usher in new generations of console graphics – as it's about time the devs were pushed to squeeze out more juice instead of jumping ship to the next machine to come out.

  • Loka

    will nVidia gefore GTX 570 run this game on highest graphics? i know it might be a stupid question since the game isn't released yet:)

    thanks in advance: D

  • Klatu Berata Nicto

    Your headline is both misleading AND incorrect. Nowhere does it state "the pc version will look better". Quite the contrary. It states clearly "Gustav Tilleby saying that the graphics will be AS ground-breaking on consoles as the PC". Among the "core technology" they are referring to is the "decimator" plugin, which takes high poly character models and renders them in such a way that the file sizes are minimal, basically the same as a low res (low poly) character models. In layman's terms, it can take a very complex and detailed 3d character (say Marcus from Gears of War), and make it the same filesize as a character that is terribly non-detailed and non complex (like n64 mario). Smaller filesizes and more detail=win! This Maya/3dstudiomax plugin is a developer utility, meaning the end result can be used on ANY platform. It is actually quite the breakthrough, and there are studios currently using these techniques as we speak. The differences between the pc and console ports should be minimal to non-existant, both in my experience as a current 3d artist, and in referencing your OWN article. Keep in mind both the PS3 and the xbox 360 are essentially pc's themselves, however stripped down to play solely games and dvds. Also, this is a completely seperate build than BC2. Different models, environments, lighting and atmospherics, etc. Essentially a new game. Comparisons to BC2 on the PC are therefore irrelevant.

    • Lando

      You really think the differences will be minamal???? There is no way the consoles will be even close to the PC version. Sorry but the consoles will not be able to utilize any of the PC's DX11 features such as tessellation, not to mention the PC is main development platform. The consoles will be running at sub HD resolutions and probably not have any AA, AA, or FOV turned on. Being a 3D artist you would think that you'd be aware of this stuff????

  • YourFACE

    Did anyone play BadCompany 2? Come on the graphics sucked on ps3 and xbox 360—- I have both, both games look almost identical except lighting/shades……….preview for the games looks awesome but so does BC2 on a high end PC the consoles can't hang 🙁

  • willl

    Saying that PC games look better is like saying,"Ice is cold,The Sky is Blue and it stinks when you fart".
    As far as next gen consoles got they will probably come in the form of a smart phones with hdmi,hd audio and a 4g connection.And cloud gaming services.