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Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2 Beta: Download Now

On Wednesday Adobe announced that their ColdFusion Builder 2 public beta was available to download, this release allows developers to try out the new code editing and customization features.

If you would like to download the beta check out this link, if you have used ColdFusion in the past and would like to find out more about what’s new in this release check out this link.

Adobe’s press release confirms that the beta includes refactoring, intelligent code assist, customizable keyboard shortcuts, integrated task management, quick fix and smart tab assist, you can read the full press release here.

A lot of developers claim that ColdFusion allows them to code faster and save time and money in the process, therefore if you haven’t already used this integrated development environment you should perhaps download the beta.

Adobe has not stated how long the public beta will last, or when the proper release will come, we guess that it all depends on how many bugs are found by the beta testers, therefore we will have to keep you posted.

Do you use Adobe ColdFusion? If so, is the beta impressive?



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