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Abraham Lincoln Quotes and Speeches: iPhone Apps

March 4th is a day that is very special for many reasons, but none more so than Abraham Lincoln becoming the 16th President of the United States. He is said to be one of the most important leaders in U.S. history, as he brought about the end of slavery. For those of you who find the great man an inspiration, then you should take a look at a few of the apps available on iTunes, as you will gain access to some of his great quotes and speeches.

The first app is called “Abraham Lincoln Quotes” and offers a huge amount of choice. All you have to do is either tap the screen or shake your iPhone for a new quote to be generated. If there are certain quotes that you like, then you can save them to your favorites. The price for this app is just $1.99.

Next up is “Abraham Lincoln QuickQuotes” and cost just $0.99. There is a huge database of his quotes on this app, and is one of the easiest to navigate to find the one that you want to read the most. There are 190 in all, and the ones that you find the most inspiring can be sent by email to friends and family.

The final one is “Speeches: Abraham Lincoln” and features five famous speeches; these are as follows, A House Divided, Cooper Union Address, First Presidential Inaugural Address, Gettysburg Address and finally the Second Presidential Inaugural Address. If you find that you lack inspiration, then reading one of these speeches could help you, as they have for thousands of others. This app will cost you $1.99 to buy from iTunes.

Has Abraham Lincoln been an inspiration to you, if so in what way?



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