VW Bulli Microbus: Surfers New Camper Van?

By Peter Chubb - Mar 3, 2011

During the second day of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show we were treated to a number of new cars and concept models, one of which was the VW Bulli Microbus. We had already looked at the surfers’ new camper van, but we were more interested in the iPad dock integration. So today we thought we would take a look at what Volkswagen believes is the future of this famous model.

The first thing you will notice is that it will not come with that noisy engine from the past. Instead those clever German’s has decided to make this one electric. No longer will you have to shout when going on trips to the beach with your surfing buddies, as there will be no sound from that powerplant.

That electric motor has an amazing range, 186 miles – much better range than the Nissan Leaf. The minivan will get from 0 to 62mph in 11.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 87mph – has that taken into consideration the drag factor from the surfboards on the roof? Those figures looks very impressive, so how far away are we from production?

As yet Volkswagen has yet to state if this will stay a concept, and it they do produce it then will there be any changes? The jury is out on this design, but we have seen much worse (view images on Autoblog). The concept that they had on show was more like a minivan, but there is certainly potential there for different configurations, such as a sink, cooker or even a TV and games console in the rear.

Do you think that the VW Bulli Microbus will be the next camper van?

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  • kas

    Have been waiting for this to go back into production for the last 3 years….My parents bought a VW camper back in the early seventies and drove it back home to Pennsylvania from the Panama Canal Zone.  It was passed down to my sister when she graduated from college and she drove it until the body finally rusted away.

    I can’t wait to retire, buy this mini van, and drive across the country, so hurry up!  Oh, and make it affordable……please?