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Sony PSP2: NGP Cannot Compete With Affordable Handhelds

As you well know, handheld devices are becoming more and more advanced, each new released device out-doing their predecessor. With these advancements it means gaming on these portables is also advancing, none more advanced than the Sony PSP.

With the Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable) or PSP2 on its way, it is expected to be the most advanced portable gaming console yet. But industry rivals are suggesting this won’t be enough for the device to compete in the market as there are more affordable options available.

Whilst talking with Industry Gamer, Neil Young, ngmoco CEO was reported to have said Sony’s NGP ‘is dead on arrival.’ He argued that it would not be able to compete as smartphones are becoming increasingly dominant in this market.

He goes on to claim that the NGP faces a difficult task when challenging an app store which not only offers thousands of applications but also at an average cost of $1.20. This is much more affordable than the games the NGP will offer and certainly won’t contest the thousands of free apps also available with smartphones.

Check out the article about this news at PSU or you can see the full report from Industry Gamers by clicking above where you will find what Young had to say about the Nintendo 3DS. What do you think of these remarks from Young? Do you think the PSP is dead or will the NGP be just as successful? Let us know your thoughts below.


  • Lunias

    The only problem with this statement that the NGP can't compete with "more affordable" systems is that the price is yet unknown. Speculations are all over the board, and Ubisoft seems set to believe that the non-3G version will be $250, which is a better deal overall than the 3DS for the same price. Also, many smartphones cost more than the 3DS, and therefore possibly more than the NGP. The only difference is the game price, and even that is disputed with the combination of the Android library of games.


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