Sony NGP Specs not As Powerful as PS3, No Real Surprise

By Jamie Pert - Mar 3, 2011

You may remember back in late January we suggest that Sony’s next-gen handheld may be as powerful as the PS3, this was hard to believe at the time, now we can confirm that the Sony NGP will not be as powerful as the PlayStation 3.

A recent article posted on Kokatu says that if the NGP was as powerful as the PS3 it would drain the battery in a matter of minutes, also it would run so hot that it “would probably set fire to your pants”.

We are now led to believe that the NGP will sit about halfway between the PSP and the PS3, no definite specs have been given, however we are told that it will probably use four symmetrical CPU cores and have feature a closer amount of RAM to the PS3 than the PSP, therefore anywhere between 128MB and 256MB is expected.

One other reason why NGP games will not be as impressive as PS3 title is due to their size, according to Kokatu NGP games will be stored on 2GB or 4GB memory cards, whereas Blu-ray discs allow games to be much, much larger (usually roughly 25GB).

I do not think that people will be disappointed to hear that the Sony NGP will not be as powerful as the PS3 as this seemed unlikely, in fact some of the specs spoken about in this article will probably excite people, what do you think?

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  • Brian

    Definately not a disappointment for me. People have to keep in mind that its a portable device. Lets be realistic though it is pretty impressive; quad core, dual analog sticks, touch screen and so many other features we've never seen in a portable gaming system. But for device like to have that type of hardware, I assume takes up a lot of battery power. Kinda sceptical about how their going to do it, I guess well see closer to launch date for the details