Resistance 3: 16 Players Multiplayer Cap – Are you Disappointed?

By Alan Ng - Mar 3, 2011

We have some pretty disappointing news for Resistance fans now, as Insomniac Games has just confirmed that Resistance 3 will only support up to 16 players in online multiplayer, and not the huge multiplayer numbers which made Resistance 2 very popular.

According to Joystiq, the reason for this is that Insomniac want to make the game more ‘personal’, but at the same time they were keen to stress that that move wasn’t due to any technical restrictions – how could it if Resistance 2 managed a mammoth 60 players?

Instead though, players will be limited to 8 on 8 battles, taking place between the human and chimera races, who will once again be the primary foes that you’ll have to take down.

We’ve just seen a fresh gameplay video of Resistance 3 straight from GDC 2011, and although the gameplay looks pretty stunning, we’re not sure if the game is going to do enough to separate it from every other FPS that is coming out this year. 60 Man multiplayer was the best thing about Resistance 2, and it’s quite a big blow to hear that they’ve reduced this to just 16.

Do you agree with is on this one, or do you think they can make 16 man multiplayer just as good? Check out a hot new video from GDC 2011 below and let us know what you think about the multiplayer cap.

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