iPad 2 MIA: RAM and Thunderbolt

By Jamie Pert - Mar 3, 2011

Earlier today Apple unveiled the iPad 2, there were lots of impressive technical specs to drool over, however two pretty important things remain a mystery, will there be Thunderbolt connectivity and how much RAM does it feature?

Well let’s start with the RAM, the original iPad featured 256MB of DRAM and the new iPad 2 seems a lot, lot faster, therefore we presume that it features more RAM, however Apple’s tech specs fail to mention how much RAM is used, Wikipedia suggests that there is between 256 MB and 1GB, whilst Gizmodo are still confused about the matter, therefore we are still none-the-wiser, however I think the performance seen in iPad 2 hands-on videos requires at least 1GB of RAM, what do you think?

Another thing we have failed to hear about is whether the iPad 2 will feature any form of Thunderbolt connectivity, the fact that Apple made such a big deal of this when they unveiled the new Macbook Pros last week suggests that the iPad 2 does not offer this USB 3.0 beater, if it did Apple would have undoubtedly made a big deal of this today.

So there you have it folks at the time of this post it looks as if the new iPad 2 does not feature Thunderbolt connectivity and has between 256MB and 1GB of RAM, why can’t Apple just tell us these things at their keynote, that way we wouldn’t have to speculate so much!

How much RAM do you think the iPad 2 uses?

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  • Mike

    There isn't a single period in the entire body of this piece.

  • James

    I think it uses 512MB of RAM (unfortunately), but 1GB would be ideal, since there are smart phones with double that! 256MB would be an instant deal breaker.