CoD Black Ops Demo Finally Hits Xbox Live and PSN

By Jamie Pert - Mar 3, 2011

Black Ops has now been out for quite a few months, however despite its success there are still a lot of people out there who have not played the popular first-person shooter, well if you have an Xbox 360 or PS3 the wait is now over as a single-player demo is available on Xbox Live and the PSN.

From what we can see the demo is the same for both consoles, in the demo you get to rappel, base-jump, fight enemies using stealth and as you would expect there will be some full on action to.

If you own an Xbox 360 and have a gold membership you can add it to your 360’s download queue here, the demo is 916MB in size, as for PS3 gamers the demo can be found on the PSN.

Black Ops received pretty good reviews from almost everyone, however a lot of gamers were disappointed with online play, that said there are a lot of people that love to hate all Call of Duty games and developers can’t please everyone, if you have never played Black Ops or perhaps never played a Call of Duty game you should definitely check out the demo.

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  • PissedPS3Player

    Don't download or purchase the game for the PS3. It still SUCKS!! I feel like the 60 bucks I paid for the game should have been spent on toilet paper. At least I would get some type of feeling on my ass for spending the money on it.