Call of Duty: Black Ops: PS3 Patch 1.07 and DLC – Get Them at PlayStation Network now

By Chris Cook - Mar 3, 2011

Here is some exciting news for you Call of Duty: Black Ops fans who were hoping for some improvements bug fixes. The game is to get the patch 1.07 that it was reported to get this morning. The update is available now for free download across the PlayStation Network.

Along with the patch release also comes the release of the much anticipated First Strike map pack for the PS3 version. It contains four new multiplayer maps, Kowloon, Stadium, Discovery and Berlin Wall and also Ascension the new Zombies level.

Both these downloads are available as of now. You will be prompted to download the patch when you go to start your game where as you will need to go to the PSN store to download the map pack which will cost £11.49/€14.49.

This news comes from CVG, who following an announcement on the Josh Olin Twitter page were able to report. They also say that Olin has been handing out download codes which can be used to get the DLC for free. Check out the Twitter page here.

The 1.07 patch features are also listed in detail at CVG. It contains several tweaks and fixes that were needed like connectivity improvements with split-screen parties and even adds new features such as the in-game store and additional tuning for the sniper rifle.

Check out the full list by clicking the CVG link above. What do you think of the patch? Will you be getting the First Strike map pack? Let us know down below.

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  • chris

    i bought the map pack first strike for ps3 about 3mo ago now after the outage is says i paid for it but its not loading up when i play online…what can i do

  • Komplikated

    fuckin game stop working bout to delete game progress

  • Mr Rojo Johnson

    After downloading the patch, I cannot even play the game. I get to the screen where is says "Press Start Button" and it will not do anything. Any suggestions?

  • shea

    i downloaded the map pack but wen i go into the game it says i dont have them?? :S what is happing? some1 please let me knw hw i can solve this

  • ronnie

    fixed it 4 me and i lagged realy bad ty sony

  • ronnie

    it stoped laggin 4 me i was lagging all the time stopped playing it thats how bad it was but new update must have done something no more lag when playing the new maps aint tryed the old ones yet

  • david

    The patch made it worse!! It takes longer to find a game and when it does it has a huge lag! Treyark sucks bad! Never in my life i will spend another penny on a game with treyark name on it. douches bags!

  • sergiu

    I have purchased the First strike map pack and its not working.But they have my money.

  • khan

    the patch made it so much better to find a game
    and it doesnt lag as much


    The patch made it worst, i can't get into a game and if i do it's lagging worst than ever.

  • UnhappyPS3pLayer

    The game still is unplayable. I have upgraded everything, router, internet connection, etc…and the frame rate issues are still horrible. Treyarch will not receive another penny of my hard earned money in the future. I'm done with them as a gamer.

  • mr jenkins

    did the patch and guess what IT DID NOT WORK!!! we have all been ripped off buying this game and something needs to be done, its outrageous they made over £400 million in the first week of sales……. and we cant even play the god dam thing

  • Keitan

    Error wht de F*** we r paying money for guds nt fckng sumting that dnt work properly that is just stupid and rip off

  • deadlySHARP89

    okay to get the first strike you need to go into the multiplayer section on black ops, then there should be a thing called store just under options once u is connected to the server, it is 22.95AUD

  • deadlySHARP89

    the patch is in aus i just updated but can't find the maps on the store tho

  • Bostinn

    Is it working in AUS?