BlackBerry Messenger Coming to an iPhone Near You?

By Gary Johnson - Mar 3, 2011

We have news which may be exciting for some, as Research In Motion are said to be planning to offer its popular BlackBerry Messenger application to other platforms.

Jonathan S of BGR is reporting that many trusted sources are saying the company is planning on bringing its BlackBerry Messenger service to Android, and maybe one day to iOS as well. The sources are claiming that RIM have yet to sort details such as pricing or timing, but they might make it available free for all users.

The final decision on this is still being worked on, and they may end charging a one off fee for users or a regular fee for access on other platforms. You may think that this would be a strange thing to do by RIM, but it may be a good idea in the long term.

It is thought Android and iOS users will be offered a more basic service that BlackBerry owners enjoy. Potentially RIM could entice customers away from other platforms by giving them a small taste of what BlackBerry can offer.

The sources are claiming the service will definitely be on Android sometime this year, and they decided to go with Android first because being an open platform it will be easier to achieve. An iOS version is also planned sometime in the future, but whether Apple would want to get into bed with RIM is another matter.

Some quarters may say that RIM is getting desperate, as competition gets stronger from the likes of Android and even Windows. What do you think? Would you like to see BlackBerry Messenger on Android and iOS?

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  • snooky

    This approach will work against RIM in the long run because once BBM becomes available on other platforms it will be harder for people using those other platforms to switch over to a RIM device. Since they are able to communicate with other BBM users on RIM why would they switch? Now they have the best of both worlds. What RIM needs to do is to make a better phone.