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Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover: Where the Inspiration Came From

Yesterday marked the day of the Apple event in which the iPad 2 was announced. Since then we have kept you informed of what we now know about the device, from when you can order one to which processor it contains.

One of the most interesting revelations to come out of the event was the iPad 2’s new Smart Cover. It is by far one of the coolest things to feature on a device like this, but just where did Apple get their inspiration from?

As Slashgear reports, it probably isn’t the most protective of covers ever but the intriguing design takes the focus off of the practicality and puts more focus on just where they got it from.

Some are comparing the Smart Cover to the InCase Convertible Magazine Jacket, and judging from the pictures at their site it does bare similarities. Although it doesn’t have the same detachable magnetic clip-on capabilities it still has the folding front which can also act as a prop, as in the Smart Covers. See for yourself by clicking the link above.

A more comical comparison is that in which the Smart Cover finds itself being compared to a Japanese bath-tub cover. The images comparing the two were posted on a twitter site just after the announcement was made. See the images for yourself over at Slashgear where you will find the similarities are uncanny.

What do you think of the Smart Cover for the iPad 2? Where do you think Apple got its inspiration from? Share your thoughts below.



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