Apple A5 Chip: Specs For New iPad 2 Processor

By Peter Chubb - Mar 3, 2011

The latest iPad 2 specs revealed many things, but it was the new Apple A5 Chip that impressed the most; not because it is twice as powerful as the A4 processor, but because it does not demand any more power from the battery. This is certainly a big deal, as you will be able to still get 10 hours battery life while playing games that are more demanding.

The idea behind a dual-core processor is how it can do two things at the same time, so all of your apps will now run more smoothly. It was because of the A5 Chip that Apple was able to improve graphics performance by up to 9x – it really does seem as the iPad 2 has been designed for gamers in mind.

Apple knew that they had to get the battery performance just right, some might have expected more than 10 hours, but we believe that this is an ideal trade-off, and still bests a number of rival tablets on/coming the market. There have been a few suggestions that Apple has only done enough with the specs of the 2nd generation iPad, but would you agree?

We would hate to side with Apple on this, but it is as if they cannot win. For some time we have been asking for a dual-core processor, improved graphics, slimmer design and two cameras – has Apple not delivered all of that to us? Yes they might have been able to give us more, but this is an evolution process. Can you remember this time last year when we were all making fun of the first iPad, we think 15 million units sold worldwide speaks for itself.

The A5 processor is not the first dual-core processor on the market, but it is the first time that one as powerful as this has been used in a tablet that will sell in the millions.

Is the A5 chip enough, or should Apple have done more to blow the competition out of the water?

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  • bryce

    i think apple is slowly losing ground to android and pretty much every other competitor out there the nvidia tegra 2 processor is using A9 architecture and is a dual core with a 12 core graphics card being put into tablets and phones such as the XOOM tablet or the ATRIX 4G and in the 4th quarter of 2011 nvidia is realeasing tegra 3 which is a quad core processor with 24 core graphics card im hate to be a pessimist but i think APPLE HAS LOST

    1 question for apple WHERE IS FLASH????

  • saintjezebel

    Teardown's have revealed 3 flatter batteries instead of 2, allowing for a reduction in the size of the battery housing hardware. The net result is a reduction of the iPad 2's thickness (the height dimension). As for power consumption, it's likely the A5 most likely demands more power than the its predecessor but less, relative to its performance specs and the batteries would likely offer, relative to their current cumulative volume and not their quantity compared to the iPad 1's, better performance. It goes without saying that manufacturers improve computing device performance and functionality with each hardware upgrade while carefully balancing such augmentation values with the energy consumption values.

  • Peter Munson

    Not necessarily, the battery might be bigger but is thinner. Overall weight of iPad2 is smaller than weight of first iPad.

  • Mike Mitchell

    The A5 actually does demand more power. Macworld x-rayed their iPad 2 next to their iPad and found that in the original, there were two batteries, and when put together side-to-side, are about 94% SMALLER than the SINGLE battery they put in the iPad 2! The battery in the iPad 2 takes up almost 49% of the overall space inside. It's craziness. I don't know how they fit the damn thing in there, but the A5 most certainly demands more power, they just put in a battery that's almost twice as big overall. All that said, I don't give a damn, with that speed, I'll strap a battery to my back!