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Yahoo Unveils Official Flickr App for Windows Phone 7

If you’re quite a photography fan and you own a WP7 device, I think we have some news that may be of interest to you. Yahoo has just unveiled the Flickr app for the Windows Phone 7 platform, making it much simpler for users to share photos with family and friends.

According to a recent article over on the website (via the official Flickr blog), the Flickr for WP7 app has been updated several times since it was released onto the Marketplace a week or so ago. Version 1.1 enables users to view photos on high-resolution displays.

If users tap on a specific photo, the Flickr application – which is now available to download through the Windows Phone Marketplace – automatically changes it to a full-screen lightbox view enabling them to zoom in and enlarge the image for a closer look.

The photo app also includes a geo-location functionality, which will display your photos on an interactive, full-screen map. This feature also enables users to view nearby geo-tagged photos from the Flickr community. Sharing photos via email, Twitter and Facebook has also been made easy with the Flickr app.

Do you own a Windows Phone 7 handset? If so, have you already downloaded or will you be downloading the Flickr photo sharing app?



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