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White iPhone 4 After iPad 2, Expected For 5th Generation

For those of you who have been living on another planet, the white iPhone 4 is yet to make an appearance. We had hoped to see it during the iPad 2 event, but now it will be after. However, we believe that it is expected for the 5th Generation and will skip the current version altogether. What makes the matter worse is that Steve Jobs added salt to the wounds and announced that Apple’s new slimmer iPad will not only come in black, but white as well.

You will be forgiven for being a little angry and wondering why Apple can manufacture a white iPad but not the iPhone 4? Most of that answer is in the color itself and how it can have an effect when taking images. Well, not that it bothers Stephen Fry, as he is said to be one of the only ones with the white iPhone 4 – even though it was reported that Apple asked for it back.

What makes us laugh is how Apple can take an already popular device like their tablet and then make it even better, but are unable to offer more than one color version for the fourth-generation iPhone. If you are one of those who still believes that the white version will be released, then we are afraid that it is time that you accepted that Apple has failed you.

We can just imagine the rants now, and all the flake that Apple will take over this sensitive issue. Maybe we should just consider this a little blimp and embrace the new iPad 2 – if you want one that is? Put it this way, we have about four months until the iPhone 5, we are certain that there will be a white version of that – not unless Apple messes that one up as well?



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