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Weird Baby Names Creator with Awesome App

The moment that you find out that you are to have a baby, one of the first things you do as a couple is to choose a name for your baby. Earlier Alan Ng thought that he would offer his help by giving details of some iOS apps to make things a little easier. However, if you are a celebrity or someone who likes to have something out of the ordinary, then you might want to consider the Weird Baby Names creator, which is just awesome.

This app is different in the way that it does not go for a normal name, so no John, Mark or Steve. We must warn you though, these names will not be for everyone, but they might just catch on. Awesome! Baby Names cost just $0.99 and once you have downloaded you are ready to see what weird and wonderful name you can name your child.

The app can be fun for not only you and the father of the child, but also at baby showers as well, and will be one way to get the ladies laughing. Looking at some of the settings on the app, they do look a little strange, so we can only imagine what name it will generate for you?

Some of the settings to choose include such things as selecting the first name in a category, including nuts, Kins etc. The last name has categories like vegetables, plants etc – see we told you it was weird. We really do not know how many people will want to download this app, but it is certainly an alternative option to those standard baby name apps.



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