Olympus SZ-30MR simultaneously captures 16MP Stills & 1080p HD Video

By Chris Cook - Mar 2, 2011

If you’re looking to get yourself a new digital camera or just want to upgrade then we have some interesting news for you. We previously brought you news of the new Olympus SZ-10 Ultra Zoom, and now it seems Olympus are to release two new cameras, the SZ-20 and the SZ-30MR.

Both these cameras come with a backlit 16-megapixel sensor and dual image stabilization. More interestingly Olympus is claiming this pair to be the first to capture both 16-megapixel stills and full 1080p HD video simultaneously.

As reported by Slashgear the ‘MR’ on the SZ-30MR stands for ‘Multi-Recording’ and means that whilst videoing in full HD you can also capture the stills. What’s different about this compared to cameras that have similar features is that the stills being captured are also full HD. Other cameras can only take stills in a much lower resolution whilst shooting videos.

As far as specs go, both cameras are similar with theSZ-20 featuring a 12.5x optical zoom and the SZ-30MR a 24x zoom. Also the SZ-20 will not have the Multi Recording function.

Both these cameras go on sale this month, the SZ-30MR costing €329 and the SZ-20 costing €219. What do you think of these new cameras from Olympus? Is the simultaneous capture something you will find handy? Let us know below.

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  • Leonid

    The optical zoom can be used during a video recording and the AF operates during zooming and when the camera is moving. – Support Olympus-Europa

  • dt804a

    1. Big problem: the battery can only be charged in the camera. You can't just replace a depleted battery with a spare and continue shooting while the depleted battery is charged in a charger.

    2. It is not clear from the manual and online material if the zoom can be used while shooting video, i.e., whether the focus will adjust while the zoom operates. Any info on this point?

    • Eilleor

      You can by a battery charger everywhere, very reasonable eg at Amazon uk.
      Zoom can be used during video works fine.