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New Accessories for iPad 2: Cases, Chargers and Keyboard

Today was a big day for Apple fans, one because Steve Jobs was in attendance during the event, and two the announcement of the iPad 2. We are always amazed at how fast companies react to this, such as the news that there are now a host of new accessories for the iPad 2. These not only include cases, but chargers and keyboards – although the last two will work with the previous model.

The most interesting one is the cases, as this is the accessory that needs to be done right, as Apple’s new tablet is now much thinner than it was before. In our inbox earlier today we were given details of a host of new cases that appear on the Scosche website. We believe that they have not been made yet, as it states that shipping is to start in mid-march. This is nothing new, as we have seen this happen time and again.

Looking at the new range we can see that there will be three cases to choose from, foldIO P2, glosSEE P2 and the snapSHIELD P2. All three come in a choice of colors, such as black, white, blue, pink, purple, and smoke. They are also made from a number of different materials, like carbon fiber texture, leather texture, flexible rubber and polycarbonate.

As we mentioned above, they have a huge selection of chargers for both iPads but also a flexible keyboard as well. We love the idea of this device, as it makes it much easier to roll up and carry with you instead of a standard keyboard. This is also a new item though, and will be launched about the same time as the iPad 2.

For those of you who would rather an official case, then Apple has something a little different for you, Smart Covers. Alan Ng has more details for you, and we also have a video of it in action here.

Would you rather official iPad 2 accessories or third-party?



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