Motorola Xoom vs. iPad 2, BlackBerry PlayBook and HP TouchPad

By Chris Cook - Mar 2, 2011

Although we are only three months into 2011, it is definitely being marked as the year of the tablet. We have seen loads of the devices emerging and more are being promised. With the latest announcement of the iPad 2 we can now compare it against the best of the rest.

Engadget have been kind enough to gather a list of specs from what are probably the four best tablets announced this year so far. The Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook, HP TouchPad and of course the iPad 2.

From the list which can be viewed at the link above, we can see that each of the four tablets have at least one camera each, display screens of at least 7” and apart from the iPad 2, which is yet to reveal it’s RAM all have 1GB RAM.

The HP TouchPad seems to have the fastest processor, with 1.2GHz Dual-Core and the iPad 2 is the thinnest tablet at 8.8mm, even thinner than the 7” screen BlackBerry PlayBook which is 10mm. overall there isn’t much to choose from between these four devices, I guess it just depends which manufacturer you prefer.

Check out the full list by clicking the link above. What do you think of these four tablets? Are you impressed with Apple’s newest device the iPad 2? Let us know what you think below.

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  • Dan

    I think the Playbook looks awesomely powerful and fun to use. It’s also the most portable tablet out there. The Xoom looks nice too, but I’ve heard that the hardware quality isn’t so great, and it’s quite expensive.

  • DCastle

    Xoom is the best of these four. Smooth, dark, powerful. You can buy it already and it already has the best hardware and *specially created tablet softaware – OS. Honeycomb is really awesome, i felt in love with Android Honeycomb from the first sight. Maybe HTC 10" tablet will be the new best soon? Who knows..

    ipad2 isn't bad and is better than ipad1, but is a disappointment. Design revamp and nothing breathtaking.
    Facetime is the main its selling point, but if you haven't any people with compatible device to call, this feature becomes absolutely useless. I don't like smart cover case, it looks cheap. Their apps are for creative minds, if you don't like making videos or don't play music, they're useless for you. And design. It's thin, but looks worse than ipad1's case, which was 'soaring' above the table..This lies on a flat surfaces like a thin brick. Also it will be harder to pick it up with your hands.

    • John Mars

      sourgraping… Xoom hasn't even match ipad1 in sales much less ipad2… so millions of people who like ipad are losers… hahahaha whom are you kidding?