Most Popular Baby Names: iOS Apps Can Help

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2011

If you or someone close to you is expecting a baby soon and you are stuck on what to call him or her, you may not realise but there are actually many applications available on the Apple App Store which will help you with this very task.

We have picked out a selection that we think are good, and they include both free and paid for applications which are available right now. The first one is called Baby Names + and it has been developed by Schatzisoft in collaboration with the American Baby Magazine.

The app features over 25,000 baby names for boys and girls for you to choose from, and it tells you what each name means, where the name originated and even how to pronounce it properly if it’s an unusual name. The App costs $1.99 and comes with premium features such as searching for baby names in a particular US state or location, and the ability to sort baby names by popularity rankings as well.

As a further treat for parents to be, the $1.99 download will also get you a free subscription to American Baby Magazine, so it’s definitely worth the price in our opinion.

However, if you’re looking for a simpler and free alternative, you may want to download Baby Names Stork Drop, which offers a more ‘fun’ approach to naming your baby, rather than just scrolling at endless pages of names. A good thing about this App is that it is constantly updated with even more names, as the last update to it added an extra 200 names to choose from.

Try both apps for yourself and let us know how you get on with it. If you do end up with a name courtesy of either App, share it with us below.

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  • Peter Timber

    Baby names should not be left to the idot parents who are playing with dolls or so it would seem in naming their children without thought to there origin and family history…they are NOT ALONE but are part of the DNA and family GENEALOGY LINES which extends back for thousands of years. Now current idiot parents with no thought to ther origins or future but choose to remain giggly with "cute" names to satisfy the child in them. A child is a part in th family chain and should honor parents and granparents by using their names with provisions for translations froma foreign name. Ideally the first child should be name after the grandparents on the fathers side and then the next child after the the grandmothers side and back again until you get to the Uncles and Aunts.