Mortal Kombat (MK9) Australian Ban: Warner Bros. to Appeal

By Tina Chubb - Mar 2, 2011

Both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners living in Australia were left feeling disappointed and frustrated last week, when it was announced that NetherRealm Studio’s highly anticipated fighting game Mortal Kombat 2011 (MK9) had unfortunately been banned in their country.

As we mentioned in a previous article here, the Australian Classification Board refused to classify the Mortal Kombat game, due to the material being too violent for the maximum rating of MA15+. However, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has decided to appeal the decision.

According to a recent article over at, Warner Bros. originally said they were investigating all their options, and have now announced that they are appealing the decision and will effectively resubmit the game to the Australian Classification Board.

WBIE Australia believes that the violence in the Mortal Kombat game is on par with various other titles that have already been made available to Australian gamers. In other words, the publisher has no intentions of modifying or censoring the MK9 title.

As noted in a recent report in the Sydney Morning Herald, Warner Bros. are even thinking of hiring Classification Board deputy director Paul Hunt to help them with their appeal. Hunt has previously been involved in successful appeals for games such as Alien vs. Predator and F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin.

What do you think of the Australian Classification Board’s decision to ban the game from Australia?

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    Why ******************* banned mk,just because its too violent, what about these freaky horror movies saw and paranormal activity,mk`s violence is nothing compared too saw,so why banned mk when their is more gorier things realeased in australia

  • Mr T.

    i also agree with all comments, i myself grew up with mk and have the entire game collection, isn't each individual have that choice whether to purchase the game whether it's violent or not, cause if this country is able to release violent movies like the saw series, so what's stopping then from banning those type of movies, so please, let us have that choice.

    • Mr T.


  • McPeeved

    It's always the paper pushers who can't get things done for the Australian gaming community! This is the biggest let down of 2011.
    I'm buying all my games from overseas now to boycott such stupidity…

  • neale merrick

    i grew up with this f@#!en awesome game give us the R18+ rating you heap of c&!ts

  • cameron smith

    this is bull@#$t we should have this game f@!k those c&*ts that say its to violent every other one was released in Australia just a bunch of f&%ken W@!#ers give us the R18+ rating let parents control there kids if we can buy R18+ movies over the counter which look real then we should be able to buy a violent animated game you F@#! Heads

  • matt

    i hope they allow it in australia because i grew up with mk and and i dont want it to end here and i know its gory and bloody but thats wat mk is about the gore and i think the only reason they bannded because of the close up visuals of bones craking and the fatalites and its not evan realistic frezzing a guy and ripping his torso out when have people ever seen that and there are games like ,splatterhouse ,call of duty black ops. also in block ops a guy bites his arm off and leaves the guy to bleed to daeth so my point is bring the r rating system in and like i said i grew up with it a people around australia grew up with it so please allow mortal kombat in australia and dont give mk up forver australia we will get mk9 we are not going down whith aout a fight so come on australia lets get MORTAL KOMBAT 9 TO AUSTRALIA !

    • fatmike

      i agree i grew up with mortal kombat as well

  • CONBOT3000

    just 1 thing ive been asking in a lot sights IS AUS AT LEAST GETTING THE DEMO!!!???

  • nik

    good luck wb i really hope they win