Logitech on Dedicated Google TV App Store

The Google TV platform is set to gets its own version of the Android Market, that’s according to Ashish Arora vice president and general manager for Logitech’s Digital Home Group.

He was speaking at the OTTCon, and was asked if Google TV owners will be able to have access to other Android apps soon. Although he wouldn’t give an exact date he did say it will happen soon, and said “We’re talking about a very short term”, reports an article by Mark Hachman over at PCMag.

He doesn’t actually work for Google, but Logitech have been one of the main partners for the Google TV platform, and released the Logitech Revue back in October. At the launch some of the personalization features from other Google services were not available, but Google have a history of adding features after a product has been launched.

Google have already got its store for Android apps, as well as its Chrome Web store, but so far Google TV has not had a similar feature. Arora said there will be more than just “weather apps” available, apps which tie in with what people are watching were spoken about.

Could we be seeing the likes of Angry Birds and Google Earth becoming available to be downloaded straight to our TVs? The possibilities could be endless if the entire Android Market became available for Google TV.

Which apps would you like to see for Google TV?


  • Joel

    Personally I think it would be awesome if I could get the same apps from my smartphone on my HDTV! I would also find it useful if I was able to get Google Earth on my TV. Just think how much better the map would be on a 60-inch screen! I'd never get lost again. Well until they come out with those apps, I will still love my Logitech Revue. I have an account with DISH Network, I am also employed there, and because I had an account, I was able to purchase the Logitech Revue for $179 instead of the usual $299. So with the saved money, I think I will save for the apps that hopefully will come out for Google TV!


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