First in line for iPad 2 on release date?

Later today it is thought that Apple will finally unveil their second-generation iPad, the iPad 2 release date will probably be announced during Apple’s press conference / keynote, therefore we thought we would ask whether you think you will be queuing for the iPad 2 the day it is released.

Obviously a lot depends on what Apple unveil today, however usually Apple shock the world with something thinner, faster and more intuitive than the last, therefore we could well be in for a treat with the iPad 2.

When Apple launched the first-gen iPad last year it sold strongly, however with so many alternatives being released this year we wonder if people will be as won-over by the iPad 2, let’s face it the Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook and HP Touchpad all look pretty impressive, therefore the iPad 2 has a lot more competition in the tablet market this time round.

I guess we will have to wait until later today to see if the iPad 2 is impressive enough to queue for, however there are quite a lot of Mac lovers out there who will pretty much buy any new Apple product that is released (a few of them write for Product-Reviews), help us gain some feedback by answering the poll question below.
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