COD Black Ops: Spawn Trapping Boosters – Is it Cheating or not?

By Alan Ng - Mar 2, 2011

It seems a fresh debate is brewing up in relation to Call of Duty: Black Ops, and it follows on from the video we posted yesterday which showed a player managing to rack up a score of over 500 kills on Domination with the help of a few friends and clever tactics.

We say ‘clever tactics’, but that’s not the way Treyarch and Activision sees it, as the players responsible for the video have now received temporary bans from the Black Ops servers and their stats have been reset by Treyarch for further punishment.

Product-Reviews is the ideal place to have your say on issues like this though, so we want you to get in touch with us. If you are familiar with how this situation occured, i.e boosting and locking down various spawn points so other players get killed as soon as they spawn, we want to know if you think this is a form of cheating or simply a clever use of tactics which have exposed loopholes in Treyarch’s game.

The video is perhaps an indication of why so many people dislike Call of Duty games since they can be easily exploited like you can see in the video below – but is that the gamers fault? We clearly see in the video that no ‘hacks’ are taking place, just a well setup plan of spawn trapping locations so the other team have no answer.

It is pretty borderline, but we think a stats reset is a little harsh in this case. Treyarch obviously don’t agree, with community manager Josh Olin delivering the following verdict on his Twitter account:

”@normc24 They all got temporarily banned, and rank reset. That’s a form of boosting, so be sure not to do it.”

Where do you stand on this debate – we’d love to hear your opinions on it.

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  • Michealbolton

    if you look at the xbox file complaint system it quite clearly says 

    The player used known or
    unknown in-game or other
    exploits to influence the
    results of a game.

    now when people spawntrap they say there using a flaw in the game which is accounted to be a influence so by using your ‘flaw’ you are influencing the game so therefore you are breaking the terms of service of xbox live

  • Martinbolton

    its obvious that when they made this game it wasnt meant to be abused like this i mean getting a ratio of 62.625 in one game is just stupid most people would see that as ‘MLG’ but in theory its not its just mindlessly aiming into a spawn and shooting over and over again which is why i think there should be a system where first thing u spawn ur invincible but cant do any damage until 5 seconds same as the invincibility timer this way people can get out of a spawntrap and not have to put up with ten year old fanboys playing just so they get high ratio’s

  • Justin

    THIS IS NOT CHEATING!!!! If you know people on the other team and there letting them kill them, that in my book is cheating/boosting an stands grounds for ban an de-rank/reset stats. But if i join a random lobby with 5 of my friends and we What people call “trapping” how is that cheating? how can i get banned and de-ranked for using a flaw in the game to my advantage? No i dont think they should change the spawns or anything. i dnt really see a BIG problem in it?! If you hate getting spawn trapped, learn to spawn trap your selfs… might raise you kd cry babys!!! Again, i understand why they would ban people for Boosting as shown in the vid above. but not normal spawn trapping… I spawn trap myself, the most kills ive ever gotten was 201… havent gotten close since and dont want to. ill get my 100 or so kills, 10-15 deaths and im happy…                                  P.S. A guy named eViLxSoundwave or something like that got 1,200 kills in 1…… 1 match of demoon jungle… they were of curse boosting. and if you go on the demo leaderboards hes still on there, and hes a 15th!!! BAN BOOSTERS NOT LEGIT TRAPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hpe you haters kind of understand whereim coming from, and if you were in a lobby where you were trapping you would actually like it quite a bit i bet, lol.         -PeAcE

    • Justin

      i know i made alot of typo’s, but if you wanna dog on me for that im cool with it… I understand where people would be P.O’d a bit too. But just suck it up plz and dont ruin the 1 good thing about black ops… they already patched quickscoping, so i say trapping makes up for that.        yet another P.S. i know you can still quickscope on black ops but qs on there and then put in mw2…. WOW, if you understand me and agree thank you… If you don’t then that’s fine to. thanks for your time reading this and plz leave feedback no matter what it is. If i kind of changed you opinion in anyway about trapping plz tell me.

  • it is boosting/cheating, as well as pathetic. its exploiting the failures in the programming for the purposes of ranking up faster. additionally, this form of cheating can only be accomplished in the objective based games. I’ve played games with these booster where their team will lose because they aren’t playing the game. Just spawn trapping. Treyarch needs to do something about this. banning is excessive but seems to be called for if they aren’t willing to patch the spawns or remove tac inserts. How does one enjoy spawn trapping? you are not playing the game for fun. I’m sorry but if you feel that spawn trapping should be left alone then you care far too much about getting to that next prestige level. by all mean EARN it, but DONT CHEAT to get there.

  • Blws6

    It is cheating and should be banned for life would stop people from cheating or looking for loop holes

  • Joey

    hi guys add me on ps3 than we can own with spawn trapping
    Ps3 name: Gaybertjolie

    i know its a really noob name but is a funny name

  • MsBountyHunter

    Personally, I think it was in agreement with the losing team, which IS considered boosting! BUT, it was agreed upon and thus should not have been banned nor de-ranked! Nobody had a problem until this video showed up! Now, playing a team that ends up getting spawned trapped, I believe they have the RIGHT to leave. It's a tactical manuver. Losing team has other options too, try tac insert!!!

    • Justin

      Yes exactly!!!!!!!!!!! Read my comments i just posted. I made alot of good points…

    • Justin

      Yes exactly!!!!!!!!!!! Read my comments i just posted. I made alot of good points…

    • Justin

      Yes exactly!!!!!!!!!!! Read my comments i just posted. I made alot of good points…

  • PMH x Friisky

    This is pathetic, people shouldn't be getting banned / restarted . Don't rush te call of duty series and make a good one so people can't spawn trap. I have a bunch of friends that all got restated because we know spawns so what take your time with the next cod so this doesn't happen. Plus you shouldnt ban people just patch it

    • Justin

      i agree, but…. DO NOT SAY PATCH, if it gets patched idk what ill do…

    • Justin

      i agree, but…. DO NOT SAY PATCH, if it gets patched idk what ill do…

    • Justin

      i agree, but…. DO NOT SAY PATCH, if it gets patched idk what ill do…

  • Nate

    It’s clearly a violation of Treyarch and Activision’s policy on boosting, just like spawn trapping is boosting, which is about half of the video. If you read the policy it clearly states boosting is taking advantage of a game feature, trait, etc. to obtain a higher score and/or to obtain an unfair advantage over the other team or players. This is the kind of things people need to report on the in game report player option, especially spawn trapping. It is nothing more than cheating by “the rules” of in game play, it ruins the enjoyment and fun for the other players. Trust me I just got out of a demolition match on Nuketown in which all four of the players on the other team were running circles around and through the house where we would spawn, one player would watch each possible exit while another would run through shooting whoever spawned there on his run through…

    • Justin

      ok, 1 question… If it was a violation then why are you allowed to do it???

  • Battousai 80

    I agree with Gamer.
    This is definitely boosting. This was a loophole that was exploited.
    Play the game the way it was intended to be played.
    Kudos to Treyarch for banning and resetting the stats for those involved in this "cleverly" organized boost.

  • Gamer

    Do your research. The other team was helping them get kills, thus violating the boosting policy.

  • Terry

    I Belive this is not a form of boosting. The other team was trying to get kills to. It is the losing teams fault they did not back out. I am a COD Black Ops fan and I belive this is not boosting the Fact that Treyarch and Activision reset their rank is upsetting. Not only that but they were banned.


    Kudos to them for 'cleverly' figuring a way to do this. Obviously it is boosting and a loophole in the game design. Just a matter of time before somebody figured it out. I wish i was this tactical.

  • Billy

    Surely its boosting…if i was in this game on the opposing team and kept getting killed like that i would back out immediately. but the other team members stayed in a got hundreds of deaths so something not right there!!

    • SPAWN TRAPPA!!!!

      true, but I am a trapper myself… I have NEVER set up a lobby. nor have i got 201+ kills in a match. I get an avg. of 90-150 kills per match. about 20 deaths, sometimes more sometimes less… and there’s kids on the other team that have 100+ deaths ever macth and for some reasons they dont leave?! It amazes me to, i’d give you my gt but id get reset for having a 4.10 kd…. which is LEGIT, most of it isn’t even from trapping.

  • j.c

    its a fine line between boosting and clever tactics but all i say is the game should be about fun and enjoying yourself but to me it seems here are a lot of people that just wana be top of the lists but thats fine too, but should it be at the cost of other peoples enjoyment of the game?