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Blackberry Playbook’s webOS Tablet UI Confusion

Both HP and RIM are to release their tablet devices to the market soon, and if you were to take the branding of each device, you could easily mistake them from one another. There have suggestions that the BlackBerry PlayBook has borrowed a number of elements from the webOS is to run HP’s TouchPad, which would certainly lead to tablet confusion.

Having said that, there is one major difference, the size. The PlayBook is a 7-inch device, whereas the TouchPad comes with a 9.7-inch screen. We just hope that RIM has changed more than just the size? It would be easy to say that RIM borrowing features from webOS is flattering, but if we wanted a webOS device then we would purchase HP’s tablet instead.

However, Laptop does say that the PlayBook takes things a step further with certain features, such as gestures. HP bosses do not seem too bothered about rivals copying them, but do say that they will always be about a year behind them. RIM’s counterparts said that they did not set out to imitate other devices, and also that the design of QNX has been in the making for some time now.

For years brands have been copying each other, take the iPhone; it was not the first touchscreen device of its kind, but it certainly took things a step further. We are not saying that the PlayBook will do this; it cannot, as Apple already did that as well with the iPad.

Do you think that QNX differs enough from webOS?



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