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BlackBerry Playbook Release Date Confirmed by Retail Locations?

So far we have heard a huge amount of rumors surround the BlackBerry Playbook release date, previously we have been told that March is likely and other sources suggested that it could clash with the HP Touchpad release date, however today we have heard how April 10th is looking likely.

According to a brief article posted on BGR multiple sources have told them that RIM’s first tablet will hit retail locations on April 10th, usually we wouldn’t take this too seriously, however BGR has earned itself a great reputation in the past thanks to plenty of accurate release date predictions.

BGR also go on to say that the OS RIM has used will go “Gold Master” on March 31st, therefore when you boot up your Playbook for the first time you will prompted to install a new update.

Until we hear official information from RIM and carriers there is always a chance that this release date is inaccurate, however the BlackBerry Playbook was first revealed back in late September last year, therefore a release is expected pretty soon.

If and when we hear of a confirmed release date we will keep you posted, however for now mark down April 10th just in case. Will you buy the BlackBerry Playbook on its release date?



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