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Apple’s Digital AV Adapter Not Only For iPad 2

Now that Apple has finally unveiled the new iPad 2 we thought that some of you would appreciate some information regarding the tablet’s many accessories, today we will look at the Apple Digital AV Adapter.

The Apple Digital AV Adapter connects to your Apple device via its 30-pin dock connector, it mirrors whatever is showing on your iPad 2’s display onto your HDTV, it outputs at a maximum of 1080p, however movies play at up to 720p.

The adapter also features a second 30-pin connector, this means you can charge and sync your iPad 2 whilst it is connected to your HDTV, as you probably expected the adapter features a HDMI port, this allows it to connect to any HDMI-compatible display.

Despite this being a new product it is not just compatible with the iPad 2, it also works with the original iPad, iPod Touch (4th-gen) and iPhone 4, you can buy yours for $39.00 from the Apple Store here.

If you read the small-print on the Apple Store you will see that the iPad 2 is the only device which will allow you to mirror its display, also the iPad 2 is the only device which supports 1080p output, the iPhone 4, iPod Touch (4th-gen) and Apple iPad support output of up to 720p.

Will you buy the Apple Digital AV Adapter?



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