Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Video – In Action

By Chris Cook - Mar 2, 2011

As you may already know by now, today marked the Apple iPad 2 event. At the event Steve Jobs took the stage to announce that the iPad 2 will start shipping March 11th. The official announcement and unveil meant the iPad 2 features were seen for the first time and one of the most innovative is its new cover that they call the Smart Cover.

As Alan Ng reports in his article the cover can only be described as a ‘flap’ but it is much more. Made from either polyurethane or leather depending on which you prefer both these covers will clean your iPad 2 automatically using its microfibers.

They come in 10 different colors, 5 in each material. What’s most significant about these covers however is the fact that when they are attached and closed your iPad 2 will go into sleep mode and will automatically wake when the cover is opened again.

We have a video available for you to watch below where the Smart Cover is in action. Why not check it out and see what you think.

Read Alan’s full article by clicking the link above to find out more details about the Smart Cover’s features. You can also visit the official Apple website where they have another video featuring all the new additions the iPad 2 offers plus all the specs and details of the Smart Cover. What do you think of the Smart Cover so far? Would you trade in your iPad for the iPad 2? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Samiam

    What if I want to prop the iPad 2 in portrait format? It does not seem I can prop it using this 'smart' cover.

  • AJW

    It's only compatible with iPad2 as it needs magnets which are embedded in the iPad2 bezel

  • Remi

    I really like the case, if it is compatible with the iPad, I might keep it but if it is not then I might upgrade. I haven't seen anything in the new iPad that will make me upgrade yet though, The issues I have had with the current one have not been addressed. Size is not a major issue, so will just have to wait and see if the "iPad 1" as it is now called, looks antiquated because of the new arrival.