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Windows Phone 7 Copy and Paste Video – Update Soon?

Since the release of Windows Phone 7 a lot of users have been frustrated with the lack of copy and paste functionality, last week Microsoft rolled out an update to prepare all WP7 smartphones for a major update, now we have seen the copy and paste function in action, which surely must mean that Microsoft plan to roll out a major update pretty soon.

Recently Engadget got some hands-on time with the HTC Arrive aka the HTC 7 Pro, this handset must have an updated version of Windows Phone 7 as it features copy and paste, we have embedded the video at the end of this post, it looks pretty easy to use, however there is no way of multiple pasting, is this an issue for you?

Exactly when other WP7 handsets will receive an update which brings the copy and paste functionality is unknown, the HTC Arrive will become available from Sprint on March 20th, we presume it will ship with the version of WP7 seen in this video, perhaps this means that an update will be rolled out to all WP7 smartphones at a similar time.

As we hear more about the date of a Windows Phone 7 update we will keep you posted, hopefully it won’t be too long, but we cannot say anything just yet.

Do you like the look of the copy and paste feature in the video?


  • WP7Man

    To be honest I'm sick and tied of hearing about if and when MS will update WP7, given the last minor update has yet to arrive on my handset I'm not hopeful of any updates before christmas at this rate!! Slowly losing patience with my WP7 and it's half finished OS!

  • marhorn

    Custom ringtones is my main request! And a Halo wars game!

  • SydneyTechHead

    Seen another video which shows you can multiple paste. Just tap in the paste button area and the paste icon appears again. It only disappears after the first paste for aesthetic reasons.

    Can't wait for copy and paste. I use it all the time to copy telephone numbers, login details, URLs etc and find it a real pain not having it on WP7.

    Other features mentioned above would be great too. Once MS sort out their update woes, hopefully we'll get a rapid succession of new features.

  • Guest

    Is it just me or is copy and paste an obsession of apple users, to me it is a feature that is rarely used,
    Microsoft, please enable tethering, this is much more useful
    Oh and can you bookmark each section of the apps page so I can skip to the section I want.

  • hhead

    Could care less about cut n paste…

    turn by turn gps….Please!
    voice commands…Play "artistname"….Please!
    Camera settings save…..Please!

  • A lack of copy & paste doesn't bother me, a lack of a 4G radio bothers me.

    Nokia, save us please!


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