Tobii Unveil First Ever Eye-Controlled Laptop For All The World to See

Tobii specialize in eye control and eye tracking, and are the world’s leading vendor of this technology which allows computers to determine exactly where a user is looking. It seems that the company has paired up with Lenovo, experts in hardware development and computer manufacture are at CeBIT readying to unveil the world’s first eye-controlled laptop.

Motion controlled technology seems to be a growing trend amongst manufacturers such as Microsoft, but with this new technology, waving your hands about in order to interact with a computer may become a thing of the past.

Engadget were able to get a closer look at the device during CeBIT 2011 which carries on until March 5th. They say that it ‘works extraordinarily well’ and interaction is surprisingly accurate. The eye-controlled capabilities are activated by pressing a key command, so as to stop the computer doing things when you’re just looking around.

Although the laptop is only available as a demo to manufacturers at the moment, Tobii reckon that they could launch the product in two years providing the partner is right. Find out what else Engadget found at their site where they have the full press release as well as video of their visit to the Tobii booth at CeBIT.

What do you think of the eye-controlled laptop? let us know your thoughts.



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