Portal 2: New Screenshots for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 at GDC 2011

By Alan Ng - Mar 1, 2011

We have a treat for Portal fans now, as in the midst of GDC 2011, Valve has just released a fresh batch of screenshots for the upcoming Portal 2 game, which releases on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms next month.

There are 14 new screenshots in total, and you can view them all in high quality over at VG247 here. Dont forget for the first time, you’ll now be able to play Portal 2 on the PS3, and Valve has said it will be the best console version of the game since one of the main features will be cross platform play with PC gamers – a feature which we can’t wait to try out.

The big release date is April 22nd and if you’re unfamiliar with the franchise, you’ll probably want to check out this first look preview of the game which we’ve found over at Wired. For those of you who have played the first title, let us know your expectations of Portal 2.

We’re also interested to know how Xbox 360 owners feel about Portal 2 – Are you disappointed that the PS3 will have the best version? We’re sure you’ll be smiling once GTA 5 comes around though, if Microsoft decide to purchase exclusive content again.

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  • Gloone

    I doubt Valve have given a reason why it's PS3 exclusive. Mainly because it isn't PS3 exclusive.

    • Raskilinov

      Apologies Gloone, I didn't make myself clear on this point.
      + Why will PS3 have the best console version of the game?
      + Why not enable the cross platform play with Xbox 360s and PC as well? (I'm going to have a stab in the dark at hardware….)

  • Raskilinov

    Annoyed that PS3 will have the 'best' version. The idea of cross platform gameplay is something I've been dreaming off ever since I played Goldeneye on the N64.

    Have Valve given a reason as to why this is a PS3 exclusive? – I think it would be really interesting what the negotiation terms were for this between Valve and Sony.

  • Jack

    WHEN GTA 5 comes ? do you know something we don't ?

    • Daniels

      yes, the biggest 3rd person shooter in the world, and made rockstar millions, WILL have a sequel, they would be literally RETARDED not to make one…