New Facebook share / like button, love or hate?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 1, 2011

Pretty much every website you go on these days features some form of social networking sharing functionality, Facebook has recently changed its Facebook share button to a Facebook like button.

Now if you click the “Like” button it will instantly share the content on your Facebook profile with a title, thumbnail and brief blurb explaining the content, this is similar to how the “Share” button worked, however less knowledgeable people didn’t understand the reason to share content, however they understood what liking content meant.

Apparently this change will result in increased site visits to the content publisher’s website(s) and will probably also mean that people will see more shared content when they login to Facebook.

I tried the new Like button out today and was very impressed with it, a second or so after I clicked Like it was on my Facebook wall, a window also pops up allowing you to add a quick and easy comment to the content you are sharing.

Obviously this change is going to be popular with some Facebook users and less-popular with others, we are a little worried that Facebook walls will get overtaken with shared content rather than wall posts and photos, what about you?

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  • Nahla

    how can i install the new version on IPHONE 4G ?

  • pyrotails

    I like the new Like button. It means I can yell at my non-tech savvy friends who are liking links which lead to viruses/spam/not good stuff!