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Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: Hands-on Video Shows New Features

Last week we heard how Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was available for developers, now Engadget has had some hands-on time with the Snow Leopard’s successor and early signs are good, hopefully this means that Apple are on track for a summer 2011 release date.

You can see Engadget’s fully detailed hands-on with Lion here, in their article they look at new features including Launchpad, Full-screen apps, AirDrop and Mission Control, also it gives us a good look at the newly updated versions of Mail, Address Book, iCal and Quicktime.

The hands-on features plenty of screenshots and talks about a lot of the less-noticeable changes, most of what Engadget speak about has been put together in a video, we have embedded the video at the end of this post, check it out for your first look at Mac OS X Lion.

On the whole Engadget seem very impressed by the early Lion release and suggest that Apple seem to be doing a good job of bringing an iOS-style of computing to the desktop, with more multitouch gestures supported and better multitasking capabilities the foundations are being set, it will be interesting to see iOS 5 and Lion side-by-side to see the similarities and differences.

Do you like the look of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion? (Remember the video has been embedded below)



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