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Killzone 3: What’s Missing?

Earlier today Daniel offered you a hands-on review of Killzone 3, and for the most part he seemed very impressed. However, Chris offered details on five ways in which the game could be improved. What has shocked us the most was how the game became more popular than Black Ops, but this was bound to happen some time. We now look to Killzone 3 and ask what’s missing?

For the most part Guerilla Games has done a very good job, but there are still a number of features that need to be added to make the game much better. It was our hands-on from earlier today that picked up on one issue, and that was how the characters seemed too predictable, which means that they were limited.

The Game Fanatics has listed 25 missing features that should have been included, and one of those was Weekly Honor Badges. The strange this is, this was in the previous game, so why did the developer decide to remove it? Clan Messaging is yet another feature that has been removed, which means that you can no longer keep in contact with your clan mates.

Knowing what missing feature is wanted the most is very tough, but at a guess we would have to say 3D theater mode. Hang on or would it be Spawn on squad leader, or maybe Proximity Chat? See what we mean, it is so hard to decide what is missing the most.

If you had to choose the one feature that you could have in Killzone 3, what would it be and why?


  • marhorn

    An accurate fps controller with offset analogue? Better Coding for statistical cross referencing? …Oh wait thats an Xbox 360 controller and Halo Reach

  • gigabait

    Good graphics

  • marhorn

    I think Armour lock and Jet packs and a Spartan laser are missing….oh wait I think Halo Reach is missing!

  • 4real

    oh shut up


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