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iPhone 5: New Hardware Parts reveal Alleged Slide-Out Keyboard

There has been all sorts of rumors flying around in relation to the iPhone 5 and what sort of display screen it will possess, but now we have solid information which reveals that the device may feature a slide-out keyboard with a physical keypad.

A photo has been published over at and it shows a 30-pin dock connector cable and a ribbon, both of which are apparent parts for the upcoming Apple iPhone 5. The part is labelled 821-1300-02 HF/c1 just for your reference.

You may recall that Taiwanese website is the same website that first brought pictures of the White iPhone 4 prior to WWDC 2010, and they are also known for providing details on upcoming Apple Macbook leaks too.

This isn’t the first time that the possibility of an iPhone device with a slide-out keyboard has been mentioned. We ran a poll a few weeks back asking just how many of you would relish the prospect of a hardware keyboard on the iPhone and the results are completely divided. You can still vote on that poll here if you’re interested.

Do you think these parts are for the iPhone 5 or not? It’s still uncertain whether Apple will bring a variety of iPhone hardware revisions to WWDC 2011, or just the one model. Definitely an exciting time for iPhone owners though.


  • BKellyFun

    But the problem with Apple compared to Android that Apple don't bring out different firmware for their different devices and Apple don't bring out different parts like notifications lights but hopefully they might change and make different firmware and parts.

  • Mike

    @ambrham. Answer me this, what is Android offering that Apple isn't? I completely understand why apple locks their product down, it stops idiots like you from screwing them up.

    • BKellyFun

      Thanks You 🙂 Apple is the BEST 🙂

  • Scott

    these parts are not for iphone 5 as it goes against everything Apple, in recent years, is known for and does so well…touch screens!!!!!

  • abraham

    iphone…. who cares! if you're not using android, then you are completely blind and have been played by apple. why do we keep buying into their bs! apple is a joke! the only good thing they have done is open the doors to new technology and google stepped in and pushed them out of the way. but i guess some people really enjoy restrictions, maybe thats why iphone still sells?


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