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iDisplay App For Android 2.1 or Later, Productivity Increase

iPhone and iPad owners have enjoyed the iDisplay app for sometime, however those with Google’s mobile OS will be pleased to know that iDisplay App for Android 2.1 or later is now available. Productivity will now be increased for a number of Android handsets, as you can increase your viewable area from the screen on your handset to the display on your monitor.

This app is perfect if you like to multitask, as your viewable area is expanded, so you can take certain programs and move them from your phone to your monitor and vice versa. I have never been one to do this, but my brother used to be a huge fan when he was a Windows users. However, this app does support Mac OS as well.

The iDisplay app costs just $4.99 and is a small price to pay if it can make you work much faster. Some of the main features include dragging items from one screen to another, view the same image on both displays, and also support for both portrait and landscape. More details can be found on the Android Market Place.

There are so many applications that this could work for, if you find that you need more space on one display compared to the other, then you cannot go wrong. However, we have to wonder how many people would use such an app? The likes of you and I do not need to sue it, but you can be sure that there are those who do. Is this an app that you need?



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