Call Of Duty: Black Ops: 501-8 Kills Video Gets Players Banned

By Chris Cook - Mar 1, 2011

Here is some interesting news for those who love spending their time killing lots of soldiers in Call of Duty: Black Ops. This week a video on YouTube became hugely popular amongst gaming fans and the gaming world.

As reported by The Red Dragon at Battle Strats, the video is of a ridiculous massacre during an online Demolition game on the Havana map. The player had managed to get 501 kills by the end of the game with only 8 deaths. The actual game lasted a lot longer but is sped up for the sake of viewing.

From the video you can see that the player’s team seemed to have the spawn points of the opposing team on lock-down, and the players being massacred only had time to die when they re-spawned. It also appears there were a few players helping on the other team.

The new found fame for the players involved was short lived however, as Activision have now banned their accounts for now and taken away their ranks after seeing this video. They argue that what they did is a form of boosting, therefore not allowed.

Check out the video for yourself. What do you think? Did Activision do the right thing banning them? What else should be done about this? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  • I honestly think its a bunch of kids with nothing else to do but to try to achieve this in wayy bogus ways. Thats like saying you have pictures of UFO’s and not delivering.  One of my best matches is 75-5 and thats more than any of those kids could ever achieve. Add me BryanSabbath666

  • No way would i have stayed in that game defo staged !!! Black ops sucks ! cod 4 all the way 🙂

  • No way would i have stayed in that game defo staged !!! Black ops sucks ! cod 4 all the way 🙂

  • acedambo

    I've noticed a lot more boosters lately.And I also have been caught in spawn trap.The shotgun shooting slugs with silence seems to be the new one.Can't for get the aimbots.Having teamed up with people who were really good then they disappeared for awhile,they were using a cheat and got banned for a month.Now that they are not,their average even kinda suck.Amazing,their so good they need a cheat.Maybe some lag is caused by boosters.Watch for guys who jump at end of match so you can't report them.It's gottten to the point were i'm writing this instead of play'n f..n game.If you think some one is cheating back out you'll find lag is not as bad.

  • John Smith

    another problem with the game is connection, i have a decent connection and get lag killed a lot i can shoot a mother fucker and he wont die and they need to do something about the gun rating system, i enjoy using the fn fal because it is almost as powerful as a sniper rifle and yet sometime it will take 2 shots to kill others around 8, also i would like to see some kind of perk that lets you throw grenades faster, because i constantly get killed in the middle of the 4 seconds it takes to throw a grenade, it should be apart of sleight of hand pro in my opinion, but hey i didn't design the game

  • Zach

    when i saw this video, i was like wow people get a fuckin life, and i also have experienced getting spawn trapped, it fuckin sucked, i left after 5 deaths straight in a row AND in the same spot, my friends were with me on that game and they stayed just to see what would happen, they lost of course,and their KD went down the drain, but after that game, i said "black ops your going into the motherfuckin garbage" then i snapped the disk and threw out the manual and the game cover. AND if there is anybody who agrees, then do the same, and since then, i stuck with modern warfare 1 and 2 and gears of war 1 and 2. until treyarch and players that play black ops and camp decide to get better at playin games and making them please fuckin let me know

    • Robs

      People who do this do need to get a life agreed. As for snapping the disk, i traded it in and got some money back.

  • cheesypoofsdontgive

    Cheating cant if you cant play dont play. 😉

    They all got banned ha bloody ha serves them right.

    On the other hand they all exploited a weaknesss in the spawnng system, should really have been given a 6 month ban. By the time the got there accounts back there would be so many hacking cheaters on it it would be immpossible the play with out some kind of cheating happening.

    Best solution would be to spawn the player away from the opposition crowd.

  • cobras71396

    Im completely glad that these childish people who worry more about how well they play a game rather then just having fun with it…. this completely defeats the purpose of a GAME… agame is created to have fun…but in Call Of Duty its a more competitive game but still intentioned to be fun. These playes deserved to be banned and any others who decide to do this.

  • Billthecat

    I liked Marcel's comment and I think it was a nice tension breaker… Additionally, that was a pretty pathetic spelling error, so perhaps his book idea wasn't such a bad one.

    Oh one more thing, killing opponents at a spawn point is shameful. Much like second chance.

  • Terry

    All i have to say is WOW this is BS the players should not have been banned. I completly agree with nuclearapplepie on this.

    • golfnugget

      Why should they not have been banned? Boosting is suddenly ok to do? They weren't banned for spawn trapping, they were banned for boosting

  • MikeyA

    This is very clearly boosting, and has been dissected intensely online.

    I'm glad they were annihilated.

  • guest

    They didn't find a loophole. People boosted all the time in MW2 using tactical insertions and Infinity Ward completed ignored it. It's nice to see Treyarch actually doing something about these nitwits.

    I also don't understand how people can claim that this is some kind of "smart" strategy. What these guys are doing is playing against an enemy team that is filled with friends of theirs who just let them slaughter them. Most people don't do this because they're not a bunch of mouth breathing losers who are obsessed with having an artificially inflated KD ratio, not because they're too stupid to figure out the "strategy."

  • RUN 'N GUN

    what is the point of playing a game if you aren't gonna play it properly. if your playing demolition, the there should only be that way to win. every game has these pussies, and the people who defend them are lame campers who wish they had the friends to be that cheap. if you want to play like that with your friends (obviously the case here) , then go ahead, in a private game. if only these fools could play legitimately, then they wouldn't be such spectacular failure in life (there in no respawn). and Sm3g, you are right, it is the developers fault, they should never have made such a sub-par game, so you should stop playing it immediately. WHY DO PEOPLE INSIST ON CORRECTING OTHER PEOPLE SPELLING, TO NOT EVEN ADD ANYTHING TO THE TOPIC. I COULD SEE IF THE TOPIC WAS SPELLING AND GRAMMAR, BUT YOU STILL KNOW WHAT WAS SAID.

  • Sm3g

    If they are going to put a mechanic and useless as those spawn points in the game then its their fault, those players shouldn't have got banned for the game designers complete ignorance…

  • nuclearapplepie

    Hell no this is the developers' fault. The players were just playing and they suddenly found a loop around a game and get banned? How stupid is that?. How about Treyarch not start banning people for being smart and actually start fixing a broken game?
    Shame on you Treyarch.

    • cobras71396

      Are you retarded this is obviously boosting and if you pay atttention to the playback bar in theater mode is shows a large blank period of time where he definately had gotten kills… so he obviously dashboarded (im pretty sure thts how you spell it) im glad they got banned for boosting because it is unfair to the people in this game who actually try and get good scores and it just makes it no fun when people like this cheat…they dont even deserve to be called people they are just discusting excuses for gamers…they are slime, again im glad they got banned.

    • chris

      i agree but its activion who do the banning

  • merv

    they should never be alloud to play online again as far as im concerned…pure tramps

    • marcel

      allowed*. Maybe you should stop playing so many video games and pick up a book or two.

      • Raaymaan

        Maybe you should stop trolling and pick up a book or two.

  • kai

    A guy online added one of them as a friend and looked at the game through Theater. It was complete boosting. Whenever the guy spawned he fired to show up on the map etc.

  • Xx pure swag xX

    there is no way in hell the players would keep on getting killed like this and love it , most normal ppl would leave . so i wonder if this was with ppl that knew each other ?