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7-Inch Motorola Xoom Possibility, or New Model?

Motorola’s first tablet has not even been available for a week, and there is already talk of a 7-Inch Motorola Xoom Possibility. However, we are not certain if this new model will part of the same family or will be the start of a new range? One would presume that they would follow the same route as Samsung with their Galaxy Tab, and stick with the same name?

We cannot see why they would want to launch a smaller tablet with a new name, as this could become just as confusing as the range of Android phones on the market. However, there could be some benefits why they would want to do this, as they would be one of the first to offer more than one tablet device from their range.

Motorola has only been in the tablet game for less than a week, and some may feel that they are trying to run before they can walk. According to BGR, Motorola will launch a 7-inch version of their tablet later this year, but we do not have any of the technical details as yet.

Will the new model come with Honeycomb, or will it be made just for Gingerbread? We do know that if it did come with the latter, then our best guess would be that it would have just a single-core processor. If this were the case, then maybe they are targeting the lower to mid-end tablet sector?

Motorola could be on to something here, but they need to make certain that they are doing the right thing. Steve Jobs said that a 7-inch tablet is pointless, and low Galaxy Tab sales seem to support this, but what do you think?



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