We Dare: Nintendo Wii / PS3 Game Causes Uproar – No US Release

By Tina Chubb - Feb 28, 2011

A new Ubisoft party game that’s due to be released on the Nintendo Wii and PS3 later this year appears to have caused a bit of an uproar recently, following the release of the game’s “startlingly sexual” trailer. In fact, the teaser trailer for We Dare has left many parents outraged.

According to a recent article by Tim Ingham over at computerandvideogames.com, the teaser trailer shows two couples taking part in what appears to be a bit of partner-swapping titillation, while playing some of the mini-games included in the “flirty” We Dare title.

After watching the said trailer (which can be seen via the CVG link here), it may come as a surprise that the game has been given a PEGI 12+ rating. Since the We Dare’s trailer was released, parents have been showing their outrage by commenting on both the game and its trailer.

The Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph have quoted one mother as saying that she would be appalled if she found out her 13-year old daughter was playing such a game with boys. Another father said that games like We Dare only serve to fuel sexual tension amongst teenagers.

There already appears to be one country that won’t be selling the controversial We Dare game, but will any other countries follow suit? As Matthew Reynolds over at digitalspy.co.uk reports, Ubisoft has just announced that the We Dare game will not be available for purchase in the US.

You can read more about the game via the official ubi.com website. Do you think Ubisoft has gone too far with the We Dare game? Feel free to let us know your opinion on the game and its trailer.

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  • Jay

    You wouldn't be shocked to see those scenes in a chart-topping videoclip or a Hollywood block-buster. Why should it then be shocking in a video game??

  • Sam

    THAT'S considered a sexual trailer? Wtf! Now I now why PG-13 usually sucks