Vodafone UK: Service down today

By Gary Johnson - Feb 28, 2011

If you are a Vodafone customer in the UK and have been experiencing problems with your signal, we can report that the network has suffered an outage in certain parts of the country.

TechRadar’s Gareth Beavis is reporting the company told them that damage to equipment has resulted in certain customers suffering a loss of internet, SMS, and voice services. No customer data is at risk according to Vodafone. The company said they are “working quickly” to get the service back to normal.

With customers personal data they added that there had “been no impact”. Vodafone have not said whether the damage was caused by an act of vandalism or malfunctioning equipment, but reaffirmed normal service will quickly be resumed.

Networks for all the carriers have had some sort of problem recently, as the big increase in mobile data usage has put a strain on systems which have led to slow data delivery or outages.

But Eddie van der Walt over at Newbury Today is reporting that the outage was caused by a break in at its Basingstoke centre late last night. Equipment was stolen and a large part of the south west and south east were experiencing no service. The outage has affected some customers while others have no issues even in the same area. This depends on individual customer’s contract and number instead of geographic areas.

Have you lost your Vodafone service?

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  • boo

    Vodaphone now say up and running about 20 minutes ago. Re-set all your phones everyone, but you may have to do it a number of times till it stabilises. 14.15pm

  • Ken

    No coverage here in Prescot, Merseyside, my wife rang Vodafone this morning from a landline and was told nothing about a problem only it must be her chip and would send out another one in the morning post..

  • Pacman49

    No coverage now in Sale, South Manchester.  Trying to dial a number comes up “error in connection” – no Nokia mobile and Apple 3GS.  Bad for someone “on call”

  • Wazisgod

    i have no vodafone this evening in the sy21 7ba area . what is going on?

  • Leighton Lewis

    We have little or no signal in our area in south wales CF32 8LP Area !
    Its been like that for about 2 days.

  • Lis

    I have no service at all right now in the Surrey area. Happened today (1 March). During the weekend I was in London and the signal was really weak. Nothing on the vodafone website, terrible comms!

  • Gemminx

    My network was "out of service" this morning, then on and off and now seems to be okay again…totally agree that Vodaphone should be notifying customers on their website or by email….bad impression Vodaphone…come on wake up…whats going on!??

  • Ali

    nowt in central london and havent had nowt since early this am…. not a peep on the vodafone website…. bit poor in comms really…

  • Bill

    its a joke ive just wiped my phone cos of this

  • sinead heritage

    Me or any of my friendon vodafone are not receiving network coverage.
    Were all oxford and south oxfordshire area. Not happy.

  • M. Mistry

    At the least vodafone should advise through their website that there is an outage and when they expect to resolve it by.

    I am greatly disappointed with this lack of communications from a communications business company.

  • Anon

    Vodafone did not contact techradar directly. WTF is up with that? That quote was from their support forums and had no direct link to techradar. every news orginisation now has this story and it's no one's "Exclusive".

    My signal has been down for ages and I'm currently in Basingstoke (where the break in took place) and i really want too know when i'm getting my signal back


  • Susan Webber

    Vodaphone seems to be out in central London and was out in the South from early this morning. Unfortunately, their crisis management of information to customers is on a par with Network Rail and BAA.

    • David

      Agree with the info comment
      No phone coverage in Somerset but emails are now back on (Blackberry)