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Motorola Xoom Phone-based Apps, Better Than iPad

The Motorola Xoom has now been available for a few days, and we can already see that phone-based apps run much better on Honeycomb than they do on the iPad and its iOS. This will certainly come in handy on those Android apps that have yet to be updated to support tablets, but at least it is not too much of a worry.

Google Earth Blog is now the proud owner of a Xoom, and it was pretty obvious what app they would download first. Knowing that there was no Google Earth app for Honeycomb they had to install the phone version. Now if this was done on the iPad, then all it would do is double the size by zooming in, we had to do this for Farmville at first, and the result was a blurry app.

However, Honeycomb 3.0 works in a very different way, as the app is scaled perfectly, so what you see on the screen is a clear image. This is not just the case with Google Earth, but with a number of other apps that does not support Honeycomb tablets. We have to warn you that this is not the case with all apps, what these are we have yet to find our – you will have to learn the hard way.

We have to wonder why Apple has not corrected this issue by now, we do now know for certain if it is an issue with the iOS or the iPad itself. Let us hope that the iPad 2 (media event time) or the new version of its mobile OS will be able to correct this issue? One thing I do know, we were so happy here when Farmville released their HD app.

We have included a video for you below of an applications walkthrough for the Motorola Xoom. What apps will you be downloading first?



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