HTC Thunderbolt: Poor Battery Life? – Consumer Concerns

By Alan Ng - Feb 28, 2011

As we briefly told you over the weekend, there has been a notable number of reports recently, which suggests that the reason the highly anticipated HTC Thunderbolt is yet to release, is due to a worrying problem involving poor battery life.

We told you how HTC were working on a quick firmware update to solve this problem, but as a consumer who was planning to pick up the device, how do you feel about this?

It is particularly worrying that the launch of such a prominent device has had to be delayed due to battery life concerns. HTC and Verizon are obviously keen to play down this problem as a ‘serious’ issue, but it is pretty serious when you think about it.

What we want to know is, just how many of you take this matter seriously and how many of you are still prepared to take a possible ‘risk’ on the HTC Thunderbolt? Are you confident that HTC will fix up this problem 100% before launch, or has the battery life concerns installed a hint of doubt in your mind?

If you were dead set on picking up the HTC Thunderbolt, let us know your thoughts on this.

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  • dave

    don't buy this phone. battery life is terrible. I returned mine yesterday.

  • Rex D

    The battery life is a huge concern for me and will keep me with my original Moto Droid until further reviews and reports come out after the Thunderbolt is actually released. There have been way too many issues with the release date for me to be confident in purchasing the Thunderbolt early. The speculated pricing is another HUGE issue. I can afford expensive technology and am the type to spend good money on an amazing piece of equipment… but the Thunderbolt is no where NEAR worth the $200 and higher prices being thrown around. I did wonder at one point if the 'iPhone camp' was responsible for creating all the the controversy, circulating a bunch of rumors and speculation to confuse the consumer and to frustrate people in an attempt to ruin the launch of the Thunderbolt… ha, I think that was just paranoia now. Presuming the delay IS because of battery life, I'm really surprised HTC didn't learn a lesson from the EVO and it's issues with battery life. When will ANYONE get it perfect? It can't be that hard…. listen to consumers.

  • Mike

    I was excited and looking forward to buying the phone, but will now wait for the reviews before I make a move. I hope for a successful launch for htc and Verizon Wireless.

  • John

    It's only 14 days to return new phone, they changed their return policy. I'm more interested in the Bionic now after this debacle.

  • Jason

    Taking that it is almost a replica of the Evolution 4G what can u expect when referencing battery life…. LOL 😉 But all jokes aside it is too much of a powerhouse to pass up! Not only did I pre order 3, I got cases, sagging skins, extended batteries and seperate spare battery chargers. All this x 3 – I found 1600 mah and cases on Its stated and known the battery is the same as the htc my touch 4g. With that info I tracked down the spare battery chargers (which I may add each come with two 1500 muah batteries – still more than 1400 🙂 . Zagg for the screen skin. Soooo with 3 x spare battery chargers, 2 x 1600 mah batteries, 2 x 1500 mah batteries and oh yea 1 x 1400 muah battery (which is a joke) I think Ill b fine – JUST GIVE ME THE PHONE ALREADY! 🙂

  • Zach Gray

    I already pre-ordered the phone back on the 9th and I've waited to long I'm getting it the day it comes out battery problem or not!

  • Mark Schleupner

    This totally changed my mind about the Thunderbolt. I am getting a Droid X at the end of next month when I am up for renewal.

  • matt

    I am still planning on getting the Thunderbolt. I talked to a Best Buy Rep today who all but confirmed the battery issue by saying there is a firmware issue that is being worked on. I have heard the battery issue exists in the Bionic when its running the dual core processor so apparently this will be an issue on all the new 4G phones that need to be worked out. I just do not understand why this phone has a 1400 mah battery when the Evo has a 1500 mah.

  • Traye

    Dave FYI, you only have 14 days to return phones now.

  • Frank MacLeaN

    I desperately want to upgrade, but not to the iphone, so I was about ready to pull the trigger as soon as the Thunderbolt was released. In light of the repeated unexplained delays, and possible battery life issue, I don’t feel all that confident that I will be happy with what I get. I now plan to wait and see what the real issues are, and what else might become available over the next couple of months.

  • Dave P

    I am still planning on getting the phone. Already pre-ordered back before Valentines day. The battery life concerns me, but not that much as long as a firmware update can fix the problem. I am returning my Droid X that I have had for almost 30 days on Tuesday so that I can get the Thunderbolt. I do not plan on activating the 4G side of things since it is not even available in my area. I just want them to release the phone already. Get me the update when it is available. As long as they make it very clear to consumers that are buying the phone what the issues are and are willing to accept the risk. You always have 30 days to return it if they don't fix the problems, or fix them fully.

    • cctx

      they changed the return policy to 15 days.. i know it sucks i almost got stuck with my iphone.. but i sent it back..good luck!!

      • Dave P

        I was able to return the phone today with only paying a restocking fee of $35. They have conflicting returns policies and I called them out on it today. In my printer paper work it showed 14days, but in the "Droid Activation Guide" it states you have 30 days on "Android" phones to return/exchange the phone.
        They tried to give me a hard time about it, but I had both documents with me and said it was their problem not mine :). Now I just have to wait for the phone to be release!!! Hope it is soon because my old phone is already driving me nuts.

    • Rkortes

      I hope the battery isn't as bad as the HTC incredible which is an incredible phone with an incredibly bad battery!