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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5): Release Date in 2011? More Possible Hints

It has been a while since we’ve heard any details surrounding Grand Theft Auto V hasn’t it? We don’t have any official news from Rockstar to bring you, but there has been some notable activity on the speculation side of things.

Firstly, let’s get on to the facts, as GrandTheft5 is reporting that Rockstar has interestingly registered the domain names of as many as five different websites, with speculation increasing that this is GTA V related.

The five domains in question are CashForDead Dreams, SixFigureTemps, StopPayingYourMortgage, HammersteinFaust, and LifeInvader. The websites don’t actually reveal much, but the names alone should do more than enough to raise one or two eyebrows.

Furthermore, it’s also been reported that a stuntman for the game Declan Mulvey listed Grand Theft Auto V on his IMDB page. The information has since been removed, and Mulvey himself told CVG that the information was a typo – really Declan? Just so you’re aware, Mulvey has also performed stunts for other video games, such as Red Dead Redemption, Saints Row 2 and the upcoming Max Payne 3.

It seems like a long shot, but could Rockstar be planning anything GTA 5 related at GDC 2011? The event in San Francisco kicks off today and runs through until March 5th – let’s hope so. Let us know your thoughts on these latest GTA 5 teasers.



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