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Call of Duty Losing Momentum? – Reasons Why

Call of Duty is arguably the greatest franchise of FPS games ever made. When a gamer thinks of a FPS it’s normally the first name that comes to mind. However some are started debating whether the success of the game is beginning to lose momentum.

We previously brought you news suggesting otherwise, with the sales of the game being so successful despite the slump in games sales during January. We also brought you news of its recent departure from the UK games chart top spot, with Killzone 3 taking its place.

Is this evidence enough to suggest that the popularity of the game isn’t what it used to be anymore though? According to an article by Keval at 360Informer, the game is losing steam and they have listed reasons why.

They say that despite the success of the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, a lot of gamers were disappointed and say it’s fair to ask yourself if you enjoyed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 more. They argue that Activision is ultimately to blame for the overall downfall of the franchise because of the way they handled things with Infinity Ward. Check out the rest of the arguments made in the full article.

Do you think Call of Duty is losing momentum? What do you think the reason for this is? Let us know what you think



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