Apple’s iPhone 6: Design Fears for the Future

By Peter Chubb - Feb 28, 2011

The news that Apple’s British designer might have to part with the company could have a profound affect on the iPhone 6 design, as there are fears for its future. Jonathan Ive has played a major role in the design of not only the iPhone, but also the iPod Touch and the iPad, which will be unveiled on Wednesday during a press event.

The Daily Mail said that the reason behind the issue with Ive is due to the fact that his deal with Apple is about to come to an end, and he wants to move back to the UK. He hopes to still work for Apple while living in the UK, but they do not seem all that crazy on the idea. They must have their reasons, what they are we may never know.

This could potentially be a huge blow for Apple, as the iPhone 6 and the iPad 3 could end up with a radical design change. Most fans of the iPhone will appreciate how remarkable its design has been over the years, while others will say that it is time for change. Either way things are about to get very interesting.

I am in the camp that likes the design of the iPhone 4 – apart from the antenna issue – and certainly sticks with Apple’s clean crisp look. It is hard to say what future iPhone handsets will look like without Ive’s input, we just hope that they do not look like clones of other handsets that are being released. If they did this, then we could be looking at just another phone – something that we do not currently say about the iPhone 4.

If Jonathan Ive left Apple how do you think future iPhone smartphones will look?

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  • scott

    honestly, IF the rumors are true, i think apple will stick with the iphone 4 design for at least one more iteration whilst trying to think of another redesign. if the unfortunate happens and Steve Jobs does pass and Jonny Ive steps away then im sure Tim Cook will be more than capable of appointing new staff for the gaps that need to be filled. let us not forget that mass amount of cash reserves apple has built up. this could be the perfect opportunity to use some of that cash to help appoint new staff if the worst really does happen.