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5 Ways to Improve Killzone 3 – Do You Agree?

With the recent news of Killzone 3 taking the number one spot in the games chart from Call of Duty: Black Ops, it is clear that this PlayStation 3 exclusive FPS is already extremely popular. The reviews are coming in fast, some giving lots of praise and some saying that the game could do with some improvements. But can you really improve perfection?

According to EDIDDY999 at The PlayStation Show, Killzone 3 is less than perfect and has listed 5 changes that they wish to see immediately in order for it to be perfected.

For starters they do not believe Guerrilla Games put all their heart into developing the inclusion of Move support for the game so thinks it should be removed straight away. That leads us to the second point that is made about 3D integration being developed for Killzone 3 and how it does nothing for the game.

They believe that the money used to develop features such as these two could have been used for more important issues, like the lack of Operations Maps, which was something else in the list. The other two things they say need changing are the assault rifle to be removed off marksmen class and officers to be appointed by clan leaders. You can read what else was written in the article at The PlayStation Show. Do you agree with these improvements? What else do you think if anything could be improved? Let us know below.


  • Carbon

    I'm really annoyed by the loss of playing a gamer's own music in the game

    For me, its gotten worse because of that

  • karl

    I think it need more maps on the skyship and more powerful gun.

  • will

    i think the multiplayer needs a better selection of game modes, like CTF or pistols only

  • brendan

    ps move on it is immense, it makes it so much more natural

  • Low

    Treyarch?? i would say leave well enuf alone just add larger maps.

  • Dannas

    What utter rubbish, I've had Killzone with Move and Navigation controller from zero day, they works great, it makes the game a completely different experience.

    With single player everything seems alot more engaging than without the move and does so in the multiplayer too, however the multiplayer maps have a little bit more of a learning curve, to get the higher scores, but hey i'm up for the challenge.

    The move support added to this game is very tight. i'll be getting the shooter attachment when it comes out. no doubt about it.


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