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Nintendo DSi gets Two Limited Edition Pokemon Bundles

If you love Pokémon and you love handheld games consoles, you’re going to love what Nintendo now have to offer on their DSi. Starting March 6th they will be releasing two limited edition Pokémon bundles.

The Nintendo DSi will get a Pokémon White version and a Pokémon Black version video game depending which bundle they get. Etched onto the casing of the systems in both versions of the bundles will feature new Legendary Pokémon Zekrom and Reshiram.

As Slashgear reports these two Pokémon are amongst 150 that have never been seen before. Each set comes with its own carrying case will set you back $179.99. Visit the Nintendo site to find out what makes these bundles so limited.

Although the games come in Nintendo DSi bundles, they can also be used on any of the DS systems. Only users of the DSi XL and DSi however will be able to take advantage of the games new Xtransceiver device used for video chats. The user and three other players can talk to each other over a Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection service locally.

The Pokémon Black and White versions can also be bought individually on the U.S market from March 6th each for $34.99. What do you think of these bundles? Which version would you get? Let us know your thoughts below.



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