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iPad 2 with Thunderbolt, pros and cons

A few days ago we hit on the subject that the iPad 2 could get Thunderbolt, which was known as Light Peak. More evidence seems to point towards this rumors beings true, so what are the pros and cons of having this latest connection port on Apple’s 2nd-generation tablet device in 2011?

First of all we thought you might need a little recap about what Thunderbolt is. This is a new connection type that could eventually replace all of the others, such as USB and Ethernet. We know that USB 3.0 will come along soon, but Thunderbolt from Intel is said to be twice as fast.

With the latest connection type being included in the new MacBook Pro towards the end of last week, we can be certain that it will not be long before Apple introduce it to some of their other devices, and the iPad 2 looks set to be that next device. We will learn more on this during Apple’s media event on March 2nd at 10am PST.

There are a few pros when it comes to Thunderbolt being included on the new iPad design, one is that you cold eventually connect more devices into the tablet – once more peripherals become available. SlashGear picks up on a good point, when they suggest that the use of this new port could allow for faster synchronization with iTunes. Well, if you have the new MacBook Pro, then this will not be a problem.

As with all things, there are always cons and Thunderbolt is no different. One of the major issues, and why Stephen Foskett believes that we will not see it on the iPad 2 is because the peripheral will need to be like a computer on the inside. The other downside is expected to come from high power consumption, as we recently explained that it will help power peripherals and offer them up to 10 Watts of power.

We have to remember that this is all guesswork for now, but at least we do not have too wait long for Apple to answer all of our questions.

Do you think the iPad 2 needs Thunderbolt?



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