Armload of Windows Phone 7 apps needed, Microsoft’s plan

By Gary Johnson - Feb 27, 2011

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 has been with us for a while now, but it has a long way to go to catch up with the iPhone and Android when it comes to apps. Owners of those devices currently have a vast range of apps which can add many features to their smartphones.

Now Microsoft is relaxing a strict company rule to help get up the numbers of Windows Phone 7 apps available for the platform. According to an article on The New York Times, Microsoft employees can now have another job in their spare time; on condition the second job is writing Windows Phone 7 applications.

The company gave all employees in 19 countries free Windows 7 handsets, and is holding weekly pizza parties for those who are writing apps for the platform. There is a problem with this, as there is no money in it for the employees who are writing apps if they don’t catch on. Google on the other hand allow engineers to spend 20% of their paid time working on projects that will benefit the company.

Jared Spurbeck over at Yahoo! News is looking at the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia with the Windows Phone 7 OS. One of the biggest benefits will be that Nokia will bring Windows Phone 7 to a wider audience with a larger range of prices. Nokia has also been given the power to change the operating system, but with their previous track record what will it be like?

Windows Phone 7 is a relativity young operating system, and has to be given the chance to grow and improve. We are already seeing some of the big apps becoming available like Angry Birds among others, but can it compete with the other more established players out there?

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  • GNexus

    ITunes = 100,000 apps, 90,000 of which are fart apps.

  • george

    No ecosystem? That describes Android. You must live in a purely Mac world then. There is Zune marketplace for movies, music, and TV. There is Zune pass for streaming music. The is xbox for games. There is office and SharePoint integration. There are Live services which are free.

    As to apps, beyond a certain point it is fluff. How many angry birds variants foes one need. I have all the apps on my windows phone that I had on my iPhone.

  • jabberwolf

    Iggy you forget that there iphone and Droid were at the same point as wp7 is at now.
    In fact wp7 is actually growing faster in app growth than iphone and droid were at this stage.

    To say "There is no natural ecosystem for Windows Phone " is o be a complete hypocrit and fanboi when comparing to the other phones. And actually doesnt make much sense.

    The question I have, is though google pays 20% for their time, do they allow the makers to keep all the profits of their work on their apps? If not, then MS has a better capitalistic system – they allow makers to feep the profits of their work, especially if its good work.
    And the better the app, the more they are liklely to make money – thus more incentive to make better apps.

  • Iggy

    Windows Phone 7 has been a flop.

    Most of the developers for the platform are either employed by Microsoft to develop for Windows Phone 7, or Microsoft employees developing for it in their spare time.

    There is no natural ecosystem for Windows Phone 7.

    This is what Nokia failed to realize. Nokia had a bigger natural ecosystem with its Symbian and MeeGo operating systems.